The NOVA Refugee Clinic – Legal Clinic (NRC) is the legal clinic of the NOVA School of Law and the R&D Centre on Law and Society (CEDIS), which aims to develop research in the field of asylum law, in order to monitor and evaluate the existing legal and political responses in this matter, as well as propose and recommend changes and/or the development of mechanisms that guarantee adequate public asylum policies to protect and respect the rights of applicants and beneficiaries of international protection in Portugal.

Counting on research projects, to which a strong pedagogical component is added, the NRC also aims to guide and refer applicants and beneficiaries of international protection to the competent services in the issues raised.

In order to achieve its goals, the NRC develops work of an informative nature and produces research and content in the area of ​​the right of asylum, also developing training, capacity building and awareness actions.

NOVA Refugee Clinic – Legal Clinic is the Academy in its three aspects:

  • TEACHING : learning-by-doing principle .
  • RESEARCH : dissemination of studies and reports based on information and experience acquired in carrying out the project.
  • SUPPORT SERVICES TO THE COMMUNITY: guidance and referral to applicants and beneficiaries of international protection through an integrated service .

NOVA Refugee Clinic


Francisco Pereira Coutinho

Veronica Corcodel

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