It is with great joy that we welcome you to what will be your home in the coming years, on the day that marks the beginning of a decisive and challenging journey in your lives, which will certainly be one of discovery, work and study, but also of intellectual and personal development, new experiences and good memories that will follow you in the future.

At NOVA School of Law, you will find state-of-the-art teaching, with a cutting-edge research environment, and teachers who are specialists in the various areas of Law, with in-depth legal knowledge grounded in the best and most up-to-date scientific research.

With a strong practical component and a strong connection to the professional world, at NOVA School of Law we also have renowned practitioners in the legal professions with a great willingness to share knowledge.

We have “Innovation” in our DNA, as well as “Internationalisation”, “Pluridisciplinarity” and a focus on the great challenges of the XXI century: our flagships of always. We are attentive, addressing the realities that affect us, we are cosmopolitan and digital, and we promote proximity between teachers and students, encouraging dialogue, without prejudice and mandatory guidelines.

We take our educational goals very seriously, namely internationalisation, in order to prepare our students to work in a global world, to expose them to different ways of solving problems and different ways of thinking, encouraging them to be more creative, fostering their tolerance towards others. The dignity of being human is at the centre of Law.

We believe that at NOVA School of Law, each student finds their own path.

Always remember: To learn is to change the world!