Carlos Feijó

Guest Professor

Graduated in Law from Universidade Agostinho Neto in 1987 and then, in 1994, was a researcher at the Graduate School of Republic and Development, Management (University of Witwaterrand – Faculty of Management) – South Africa. In 1997 he was approved onto the first doctoral programme of NOVA Direito and in 2000 he obtained a Master’s Degree in Law with a dissertation on local authorities in Angola. In 2005 he took an advanced course on Infrastructure in Market Economics: Public-Private Partnerships Project Finance, Regulation and Risk Analysis – Kennedy School of Harvard University, USA and in 2009 a post-graduate course in International Contracts (recognition of arbitration awards by the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon). In 2011 he obtained, with Distinction and Commendation, the degree of Doctor in Public Law, Faculty of Law, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, with a thesis on Traditional Power as an expression of Local Power in Angola, and in 2012, the degree of Full Professor, Faculty of Law, Agostinho Neto University, with a lesson on Local Power in Angola under the Constitution of the Republic of Angola.


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Master (2nd cycle):

  • African Law