“When I hear reference to the course, it is often with respect to the specific training offered in advocacy and judiciary. That was the main reason that led me to choose this course, a course to be noted. However, it is not the only reason why today I know it was the right choice (I say this from the perspective of the judiciary, but also with reference to advocacy). It was the right choice because of the Professors, who, with a wide range of professional backgrounds, took on the mission of leading us in the first steps of moving from academic to professional life, often posing challenges for which only later we would find ourselves prepared. It was similar for the course contents, whose selection was not always evident, but sooner or later proved appropriate. The course is imbued with Nova’s spirit of openness, proximity and practice. The Master in Litigation and Arbitration has a wide range of paths and objectives, and has proven
to fulfill its purpose: to help us open doors to becoming professional and valuable.”