José Octávio Serra Van Dúnem

Guest Professor

Born in Luanda in 1962, José Octávio Serra Van-Dúnem graduated in Philosophy from the Faculty of Human Sciences of the Portuguese Catholic University (Lisbon) in 1988. He obtained a Master’s degree in Sociology from the Instituto Universitário de Pesquisas do Rio de Janeiro (IUPERJ/IESP), Cândido Mendes University, Brazil, in 1999. In 2003 he obtained a PhD in Sociology from the same Institute and from Universidade Cândido Mendes/Universidade Estadual Rio de Janeiro.

He also holds several post-graduate degrees in various subjects.

He is currently Director of the Centre for Legal, Economic and Social Studies of the Law School of the Agostinho Neto University (CEJES), Coordinator of the Master of Law, Oil and Gas Business Management and Associate Professor (Regent) of the Law School of the Agostinho Neto University, Luanda, and of the Law School of the Catholic University of Angola, Professor Trainer of Courses of Professional Ethics and Deontology and Corporate Social Responsibility, in the Training Academy of the Angolan Investment Bank, Professor and guest researcher in three Brazilian Universities, Chairman of Observatório Angola, Founding Researcher of the Centre for Studies and Research in Population (CEIP) of the Agostinho Neto University, Business Consultant and Senior Researcher and founder of “Angola-Instituto de Pesquisa Económica e Social (AIP).

Master (2nd cycle):

  • African Law