Legal Framings and EU Migration Law

Legal Framings and EU Migration Law

14 December (Wed) | 12h30-14h00 | Scientific Council Room and Online on Zoom

Speaker: Veronica Corcodel

Discussants: Cristina Nogueira da Silva and Filipe Brito Bastos

SPEED Lunch Seminars are a new format being introduced this year by the English SPEED Coordination. They will take place on the scheduled dates in the Scientific Council Room and online on Zoom. They are an opportunity for Faculty and visiting researchers to meet up and foster a scientific community at NOVA School of Law. They are also an important moment of socialisation that allows faculty members to spend time together and discuss current and future avenues of research.


In this seminar, Veronica Corcodel, Assistant Professor at NOVA School of Law, will speak about “Legal Framings and EU Migration Law”. She will be joined by two discussants: Cristina Nogueira da Silva, Associate Professor at NOVA School of Law and Filipe Brito Bastos, Assistant Professor at NOVA School of Law.



“This project seeks to contribute to a better understanding of processes of legal change in EU migration law, by addressing the role of civil society actors. The participation of such actors on the EU level – in formal or informal ways – is not a new phenomenon. Yet migration legal scholarship has only scarcely addressed it so far. Drawing mainly from political sociology, socio-legal and social movement studies, I argue that the concept of ‘legal framing’ is particularly useful for exploring the relationship between civil society actors and legal change. Such an approach would go beyond mere institutional perspectives with the objective of capturing the EU legal potentialities of civil society actors’ claims, as well as the ways in which they have been endorsed, rejected, modified or ignored in processes of EU legal change.


During the seminar, lunch will be served.


Faculty, research and teaching staff and PhD students are cordially invited to attend this event.

Coordinators: Nausica Palazzo and Simone Antonio Luciano