The Emergence of Macro Financial Regulation

The Emergence of Macro Financial Regulation

30 November (Wed) | 12h30-14h00 | Scientific Council Room and Online on Zoom

Speaker: Professor Konrad Borowicz

Discussants: Lúcio Tomé Feteira and Miguel de Azevedo Moura

SPEED Lunch Seminars are a new format being introduced this year by the English SPEED Coordination. They will take place on the scheduled dates in the Scientific Council room and are an opportunity for Faculty and visiting researchers to meet up and foster a scientific community at NOVA School of Law. It is also an important moment of socialisation that allows faculty members to spend time together and discuss current and future avenues of research.


In this seminar, Professor Konrad Borowicz, Assistant Professor at Tilburg University, will speak about “The Emergence of Macro Financial Regulation”. He will be joined by two discussants: Lúcio Tomé Feteira, Associate Professor at NOVA School of Law and Miguel de Azevedo Moura, Assistant Professor at NOVA School of Law. 


“In the last decade, economists have launched a new research agenda, which I will refer to as Law and Macro Finance. Broadly speaking, that agenda focuses on how regulation contributes to the procyclicality of credit. The catalyst for this research agenda was the study of the factors that led to the GFC and the development of the policy mandate to develop what is known as macroprudential regulation. Unlike its earlier cousin, Law and Finance, Law and Macro Finance has largely remained neglected by legal scholars. The goal of this article is to provide an account of existing Law and Macro Finance research, compare it to Law and Finance research, discuss its impact on policymaking, consider the future of Law and Macro Finance as a research agenda and the potential contribution that legal scholars can make to that agenda.”


During the seminar, lunch will be served.


Faculty, research and teaching staff and PhD students are cordially invited to attend this event.

Coordinators: Nausica Palazzo and Veronica Corcodel