Claire Bright

Assistant Professor

Claire Bright is Assistant Professor in Private Law at Nova Law School in Lisbon and an Associate Research Fellow at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law She specialises in Private International Law, International Commercial Law, Comparative Private Law and Business and Human Rights. She holds a PhD in International Law from the European University Institute, an LL.M in Private International Law and International Commercial Law from La Sorbonne Law School and a Double Bachelor’s degree in French and English Laws from UPEC. 

Before joining the faculty at Nova School of Law, she worked as a Research Assistant at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies of the University of Oxford, an Associate lecturer at Oxford Brookes University and as a Lecturer at the London School of Business and Management. She was also a Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute of Florence.

She regularly organizes short courses, events and trainings in the field of Business and Human Rights. Her work to date has resulted in a number of peer-reviewed scientific publications in English, French, Italian and Spanish, including in the following journals: International & Comparative Law Quarterly, Business and Politics, Business and Human Rights Journal, the European Yearbook on Human Rights, Droit Social the Revista Española de Derecho Internacional and the Anuario español de derecho internacional privado. She has also contributed to various expert studies and policy reports for NGOs, Governments, as well as European and International organizations including:



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Bachelor’s degree (1st Cycle):

  • Comparative Contract Law
  • European Law
  • Property Law


Master’s degree (2nd Cycle):

  • Business, Human Rights and Sustainability
  • International Commercial Law
  • Risk Management in Financial Contracts


She was awarded the eLearning Practitioner Prize in 2016 for use of innovative methodologies in the development and delivery of undergraduate courses at the London School of Business and Management.


  • L’accès à la justice civile en cas de violations des droits de l’homme par des entreprises multinationales [Access to Civil Justice and Corporate Human Rights Violations]. [Online], Cadmus. Florence: European University Institute, 2013. Available here:


Policy Reports


Journal Articles 

  • ‘Implementing Human Rights Due Diligence Through Corporate Civil Liability’, co-authored with N. Bueno. International & Comparative Law Quarterly (forthcoming, 2020). 
  • “Towards a corporate duty for lead companies to respect human rights in their global value chains?”, co-authored with A. Marx, N. Pineau and J. Wouters. Business and Politics (forthcoming, 2020). 
  • ‘Business views on mandatory human rights due diligence regulation: a comparative analysis of two recent studies’, co-authored with L. Smit, I. Pietropaoli, P. Hood and J. Hughes Jennett Business and Human Rights Journal (2020).
  • ‘Corporate Accountability Mechanisms in EU Member Stats for Human Rights Abuses in Third Countries’, co-authored with A. Marx, N. Pineau and J. Wouters, European Yearbook of Human Rights, 2019, 157-185.
  • ‘Le devoir de diligence de la société mère dans la jurisprudence anglaise ‘[The Duty of Due Diligence of the Parent Company in English case-law], 10 Droit Social, 2017, 828-833. 
  • ‘La excepción de orden público internacional como fundamento de denegación del reconocimiento del repudio islámico’ [The public policy exception to the recognition of foreign judgments on islamic “talaq”], Anuario español de derecho internacional privado [Spanish Yearbook of Private International Law] 2010, 717-729.


Book Chapters

  • ‘Hardening Soft Law: the Implementation of the Human Rights Due Diligence Requirements in Domestic Legislations’, co-authored with Chiara Macchi, in M. Buscemi, N. Lazzerini, L. Magi and D. Russo (eds.), Legal Sources in Business and Human Rights: Evolving Dynamics in International and European Law (Brill, 2020), 218-247.
  • ‘L’accès à la justice et les droits fondamentaux des travailleurs: aspects de droit international privé’ [Access to Justice and Fundamental Workers’ Rights: Private International Law Aspects], co-authored with Professor Marie-Ange Moreau, In Isabelle Daugareilh (ed.), L’accès à la justice sociale: La place du juge et des corps intermédiaires, Approche compatative et internationale (Bruylant, 2019), 213-233.
  • ‘The Civil Liability of the Parent Company for the Acts or Omissions of Its Subsidiary: The Example of the Shell Cases in the UK and in the Netherlands’, in A. Bonfanti (ed.) Business and Human Rights in Europe: International Law Challenges (Routledge, 2018), 212-222.
  • ‘The ONIAM Model’, co-authored with C. Hodges, in S. Macleod and C. Hodges (eds.), Redress Schemes for Personal Injuries (Hart Publishing, 2017), 427-437.   
  • ‘Quelques réflexions à propos de l’affaire Shell aux Pays-Bas’ [Some Reflections on the Shell Case in the Netherlands], in Société française pour le droit international, L’entreprise multinationale et le droit international (A. Pédone, 2016), 127-142.
  • ‘The Implications of the Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum Case for the Exercise of Extraterritorial Jurisdiction’, In A. Di Stefano, C. Salamone and A. Coci (eds.), A Lackland Law? Territory, Effectiveness and Jurisdiction in International and EU Law (Giappichelli, 2015), 165-181.


Working Papers

  • ‘Creating a legislative level-playing field in Business and Human Rights at the European level: is the French Duty of Vigilance Law the way forward?’, EUI Working Paper, EUI MWP 2020.01, 1-10.
  • ‘L’esercizio extraterritoriale della giurisdizione civile con riferimento ai gravi violazioni dei diritti umani da parte delle imprese’ [The Exercise of Extraterritorial Civil Jurisdiction in Relation to Serious Human Rights Violations Committed by Multinational Corporations] (2015/44 EUI Working Papers, 2015), 1-10.
  • ‘Corporations and Social Environmental Justice: the Role of Private International Law’, co-authored with Dr Benedict Wray, In Antoine Duval and Marie-Ange Moreau (eds.). Towards Social Environmental Justice?. (EUI Working Papers, 2012), 75-94.
  • Business and Human Rights;
  • Private International Law;
  • International Commercial Law;
  • Comparative Private Law.