International Candidates

Internationalization and innovation are the prime features of a law-training course that prepares future lawyers capable of integrating multidisciplinary teams focused on finding responses to the great challenges of the XXI century. Internationalization not only of our teaching staff but also of our students is what we aim for to be international and global.

Pre-University Semester

The Pre-University Semester is a multidisciplinary programme, developed for international students outside the European Union who have completed (or are close to completing) secondary education and who in the future wish to apply for higher education in Portugal. It provides the student with the opportunity to choose three subjects offered from at least two different Schools of NOVA University and to attend classes in Portuguese and English according to the student’s preference, as well as to help them adapt to the European educational system, to level up their technical knowledge, and to provide where necessary the language skills required to start university studies at one of NOVA’s Schools.

Students coming from Ukraine: how to join NOVA School of Law

Regarding students coming from Ukraine in the present context of humanitarian crisis, please verify the conditions for admission to the various study cycles of NOVA School of Law.

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Giulia Priora

Access to the degree for international students follows its own procedure distinct from the open competition for access.

You can consult all the information regarding access and entry conditions, deadlines, criteria and tuition fees through Bachelor’s Page and by accessing the International Student tab.

The conditions of access and enrolment in the NOVA School of Law Master’s courses for international candidates are the same as for students of Portuguese nationality.

You can consult all the information regarding enrolments, deadlines and criteria through the link below, by choosing the master’s degree you wish to attend and accessing the “Applications” tab.

Click to access the Master’s page.


International applicants wishing to join the NOVA School of Law PhD programmes can consult the conditions of access and instructions for applications via the link below, having only to first choose the programme that best suits their preferences and then select the “Applications” tab.

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