Creating value

From academia to people
From people to people

NOVA School of Law strives to go further in the development of its activities, aiming to translate its teaching and research activities into tangible results for society.

It is a primary value of NOVA School of Law to play an active role in the community, through the transfer of knowledge to industry, commerce, and services, as well as through participation in the social and cultural life of society. From academia to people. From people to people.

The activities of NOVA School of Law are designed to have an impact. In line with the European Agenda for Knowledge and Innovation and the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, having a positive impact on society and contributing to its sustainable development is one of the key missions of our faculty. There are therefore three strategic and priority axes that constitute our objective:

  • Innovation and digitalisation
  • Peace, Justice, and Effective Institutions
  • Social, ecological, and economic sustainability

In this context, NOVA School of Law intends to continue developing its activities based on the humanistic values of active and inclusive citizenship and the diversity of its community: students, teachers, collaborators, and external partnerships – current, past and future.