The NOVA School of Law Library is a freely accessible library whose primary mission is to support teaching and to promote research and relations with society in general. It seeks to encourage the development of research skills in searching, locating, accessing, (critical) evaluation and organization of information by its users.


The Library’s Documentary Fund currently comprises some 39200 monographic titles with digital support, and some 255 periodical titles, of which over 153 are foreign publications. Focusing fundamentally on the area of Law, however, works of Philosophy, Political Thought, Sociology, Economics, History, etc. can be found. Reference works (dictionaries and encyclopaedias) are also available for local consultation.

The documentary fund is classified according to specific thematic areas. This classification allows you to understand the arrangement of the publications on the shelves. However, it must be remembered that interdisciplinarity implies a work classified and arranged in a certain area could, in your opinion, be classified differently. It is therefore important to use the automated catalogues and not just browse the shelves. With regard to periodical publications, they are divided into Portuguese and foreign publications. Issues for the current year can be found in the reading room display. Issues from previous years can be found in the periodicals room.

Opening Hours

10h to 13h and from 14h to 17h