European Master’s Degree in Human Rights Democratisation (E.MA)

The Global Campus of Human Rights (GC), an international network based in Venice, of which NOVA University is a member through NOVA School of Law, is composed of a group of European universities and universities from regions around the world, which provide and undertake research and training in the field of Human Rights (HR). It arose from the merger of multiple organizations of ‘regional’ Master’s Degrees in Human Rights, in an organization that today includes:

GC Europe (GC Europe, Venice, Italy)

GC South East Europe (University Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hergezovina)

GC Africa (University of Pretoria, South Africa)

GC Asia-Pacific (Mahidol University, Thailand)

GC Caucasus (Yerevan University, Armenia)

GC Latin America Caribbean (San Martín University, Argentina)

GC Arab World (Saint Joseph University, Lebanon)

Website: Global Campus of Human Rights 

The E.MA – European Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation is taught in Venice through the collaboration of professors from numerous universities, who are coordinated by the resident staff at the Lido in Venice, headquarters of the former IEUC, now absorbed into the Global Campus.

Website: Ema, The European Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation

E.MA aims to train high-level professionals in the field of human rights and democratisation, qualified to work as academics, staff members or field workers for intergovernmental, governmental and non-governmental organisations. In addition, this Master’s seeks to create a European network for curriculum development and staff exchange between universities in the field of human rights, and has also given rise to a significant group of alumni (“Alumni”) who maintain and expand contacts and initiatives in this area. Today the various ‘regional’ Masters Alumni Associations are brought together in the Global Campus Alumni (GCA).

Website: Alumni Associations’ activities

In the context of the E.MA, NOVA School of Law should be available to host up to 3 students during the 2nd semester giving them the possibility of enrolling in subjects taught in the English language, with (a minimum of) 9 ECTS-credits and with teachers available to supervise their research work for the thesis.

From the year 2000 to the current date, NOVA School of Law has received 53 E.MA students whose theses were prepared in Lisbon and supervised by Professors from our School.



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