About us



The School’s mission is to produce and disseminate high quality scientific knowledge in the fields of teaching and research in Law, enhancing the differences and individualities of each student, making diversity a starting point for adapting to the challenges to which Law responds.


  • The School aims to become an innovative hub in the development of legal science and the teaching of law in Portugal, through the progress of research, the teaching of new subjects and the use of innovative teaching methods, with the aim of responding to new training requirements.
  • The School also considers its vocation to be openness to society, to new branches of law and to other social sciences, emphasizing special attention to the contemporary evolution of public life and its new problems.
  • In addition to its classic research and teaching functions, the School aims to develop activities of debate, collaboration and dissemination with other sectors of society and to strengthen relations with the most modern European and international law schools.
  • The School also aims to reinforce the idea of academic community, believing that the professional vocation of university law teaching must be developed in balance with its essential cultural and scientific functions.

NOVA School of Law is the English language name of Faculdade de Direito da Universidade NOVA de Lisboa