NOVA School of Law Awards

A NOVA School of Law compromete-se a premiar a sua comunidade.

Neste sentido, procuramos distinguir aqueles/as que, com a sua ação, contribuem para o desenvolvimento de um ensino de qualidade, capaz de proporcionar uma experiência de aprendizagem transformadora.

At NOVA School of Law we value talent and recognize the merit of our entire community. For this reason, as a way of encouraging excellence and innovation, we have established several awards that distinguish our people, namely those who stand out among the best, whether for their teaching excellence, their exceptional academic performance or the quality of their research.

Professor Carlos Ferreira de Almeida Award

NOVA School of Law has established the Professor Carlos Ferreira de Almeida Award in order to encourage doctoral studies in Law, in the area of Private Law, in line with the wishes of the Professor who, through his teaching, influenced generations of students and gave a decisive impulse to the realization of doctoral studies in Law, especially in matters of Private Law.

The prize will be awarded annually, starting in 2023, and aims to distinguish and reward the best student of the academic phase of the PhD in Law at NOVA School of Law in the area of Private Law.

Note: in 2023, exceptionally, students who have been admitted to any edition of the Law PhD Programs at NOVA School of Law since September 2018 (inclusive) may apply for the AWARD.

The award will be presented at the NOVA School of Law Day ceremony.

Learn more about this award here.

Prize for Pedagogical Excellence - Professor Doutor Diogo Freitas do Amaral

The Prize for Pedagogical Excellence – Professor Doutor Diogo Freitas do Amaral was established with the aim of distinguishing, promoting, and disseminating educational models of excellence that meet current pedagogical challenges, promoting quality teaching capable of providing a transformational and intellectually challenging learning experience.

The Prize, whose title was created as a tribute to the pedagogical concerns of its Founder, which were clearly at the genesis of the creation of NOVA School of Law itself, consists, then, in the public recognition of pedagogical excellence, intending, in particular, to recognize the capacity for pedagogical innovation of its faculty, contributing to disseminating good practices developed in the academic year immediately preceding its attribution, in course units of any type.

Learn more about this award here.

Professor Paula Escarameia Award

The Professor Paula Escarameia Award aims to encourage the study of Public International Law among the student community of our School.

The prize was established on July 13, 2011, based on the legacy of the Professor, an eminent Portuguese internationalist who held, among other important positions, the position of member of the International Law Commission of the United Nations between 2002 and 2010, during which time she collaborated intensely with NOVA School of Law as a lecturer and researcher.

 The prize is awarded every two years, starting in 2012, and aims to distinguish and reward works whose theme falls within the area of Public International Law.

 Learn more about this award here.

My Data is Mine Award - Best Paper Award

The European organization Euroconsumers, through the Consumer Empowerment Project (CEP), has launched the 4th edition of the “My Data is Mine 2023” award, which will be given to the best paper written by young student researchers who offer an innovative approach to data protection issues and who can make a visionary contribution to the exploitation of data in Europe and the world.

In this fourth edition, which aims to recognize excellent research in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data protection, Euroconsumers has created a specific award for the best paper written by students from NOVA School of Law.

Learn more about this award here.

Westin Scholar Award

The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP),  a non-profit organization that aims to support privacy professionals by providing resources, education and networking opportunities, has included NOVA School of Law in the list of schools authorized to award the Westin Scholar Award, given to students who are recognized as future leaders in the field of privacy and data protection.

The award will be given annually to the student with the highest score in the Data Protection and Management course.

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