Post Doctoral Studies


The Postdoctoral programme in Law is an individual research programme carried out at NOVA School of Law by an external researcher, national or foreign, who holds a PhD degree.

This programme has a minimum duration of three months and a maximum duration of no more than two years.

The regulation defines the conditions of access to the common resources of NOVA School of Law by external researchers who wish to carry out post-doctoral studies here, as well as their duties and rights.


Soraya Nour Sckell

Tuition Fees

Post-Doctorate StudiesAnnual CostCost per semester
National/European Union Student and International Student3000€1500€

Reading of this information does not exempt consultation of the full documentation regarding feesemoluments and taxes for the academic year in question.

Financial Discounts

Students who choose to pay the annual tuition fees in a one-off payment receive a 5% discount on the amount to be paid.

Tuition Fees, Emoluments/Charges and Taxes Fees

National and International Students

Annual Tuition fee: 2400.00 €


Amount €

Payment deadline

1st payment1200,00€

Upon registration/enrolment

2nd payment1200,00€

Up to 120 days after registration/enrolment

Biannual Tuition Fee: 1200.00 €

Students who enrol for periods of less than one semester pay the amount proportional to the number of months they remain (240 euros per month).

Emoluments/Charges and Taxes

The charges presented in the table below are currently applicable. The publication of the national table of fees and charges of academic acts and services of public university education and polytechnic higher education is still awaited, and consequently charges may change at any time.


Amount €

Payment deadline

Administrative costs per enrolment/registration (annual)


Upon registration/enrolment

School Insurance


Upon registration/enrolment

Registration Certificate


At time of the request



Eligibility to apply

  • Holders of a doctoral degree

How to apply

  • The application for postdoctoral studies is presented to the Director of NOVA School of Law by the interested party, ideally underwritten by a professor of NOVA School of Law as an advisor
  • The application must be accompanied by a work programme, the candidate’s curriculum vitae, the doctoral certificate and, if applicable, the advisor’s declaration of acceptance
  • The application must also include the specialty in which the postdoctoral studies will be undertaken and the period of stay of the researcher at NOVA School of Law for this purpose, including the starting date
  • In justified cases, candidates may be advised by the Director of NOVA School of Law to reformulate their work programmes.


After authorization, the researcher must register in the information and academic management system of NOVA School of Law, as a “postdoc researcher”. The registration is carried out at the Academic Division within a maximum period of one month from the notification of the authorization order.

Emoluments/Charges and Taxes Fees

  • Application Fee: 51,00€
  • Academic Insurance: 3,00€
  • Administrative Costs: 35,00€
  • Enrollment Certificate: 6,00€