Study at NOVA School of Law

Entering the Faculty is synonymous with new challenges and experiences, but it can also generate insecurity, especially when it involves living in another country and/or moving to another city and making new friends. Therefore, in addition to offering excellent training and the necessary tools so that every one of our students can develop their academic path tailored to their interests and aspirations, one of our two main objectives is that they enjoy the experience of studying at NOVA School of Law, a path that will certainly be one of discovery, of work and study, but also of intellectual and personal development, which will provide a range of experiences and good memories to accompany them in the future.

Because you will be spending a lot of your time at the Faculty, whether in the classroom, studying, or sharing accommodation and socializing, we have put together useful information to help facilitate this transition and to help your integration into this new cycle in your life.

About Campolide Campus

NOVA School of Law is part of the Campolide Campus, a large pleasant place with beautiful green spaces, located at one of the main entrances into Lisbon, designed to promote the well-being of our students.

The Campus also accommodates the Rectory of NOVA University Lisbon and two of its Faculties, NOVA FCSH and NOVA IMS.

In addition, the Social Action Service and the Alfredo de Sousa Residence are also located here.

The Campus is framed by the former Colégio Jesuíta de Campolide, now referred to as Colégio Almada Negreiros, one of the most emblematic buildings of the Company of Jesus in Portugal, composed of a building of impressive dimensions, with a long main façade on three floors, with paired windows, and a main central portal with pillars and a curved pediment. It has also a church and circular observation towers.

The college has had a great impact on Portuguese culture since the mid-19th century as an institution responsible for the exclusive education of young people from the highest strata of Portuguese society.

Nowadays, it is part of the heritage of NOVA University Lisbon.


How to get here

The Campolide Campus is located in the Centre of Lisbon. Public transport is well provided for access.

Bus: 701, 713, 716, 726, 742, 746, 756, 758, 770

Metro: São Sebastião (Blue Line and Red Line)

A monthly pass is available for all public transport.

Those under 23 years of age are entitled to Sub23 (a statement for students under 23 years of age, introduced at Welcome Week).

Applications to assist travel:

Google Maps

GPS coordinates: 38.732591, -9.160372 Lisbon

To be NOVA School of Law

To be NEW School of Law means not being satisfied with “doing more of the same”. We have a critical and creative spirit, enabling a new way of learning to think about Law, recognizing the intensity of change in today’s world and the need to find the most appropriate responses to the new challenges associated with them.

We are also aware that difference and individuality are humanity’s greatest potential, that there is life beyond Law and that, here, everyone, whether within the classroom or beyond, is valued for developing diversified skills which contribute to becoming more complete, balanced and prepared to face the real world.

We want our students to be capable of being the best version of themselves, and for this reason, our teachers are committed to teaching in an environment of proximity, innovation and interdisciplinarity, which provides for better learning and a unique experience.

To be NOVA in Lisbon

Studying in Lisbon can be a unique and vibrant experience. With more than 20 centuries of History, it is a unique city to discover, not only for its monuments and local neighbourhoods that fascinate visitors, but also for its modernity and its natural and cultural heritage.

Cosmopolitan, dynamic and creative, with events and initiatives throughout the year, it also stands out due to its temperate climate, gastronomy and the fact that it is a European city with an accessible cost of living. To this can be added the high security index – Portugal is recognized as the 6th safest country in the world, according to the Global Peace Index – and offers a good quality of life, a good transport network and the well-known hospitality of its inhabitants, all of which makes it a very attractive country in which to live and study.

How much does it cost to study in Lisbon?

Lisbon is the destination of choice for many students due, in part, to its attractive cost of living compared with other European capitals.

Essentials such as food, transport, health and access to cultural benefits such as the cinema, theatre and concerts are all reasonably priced.

On average, the expected monthly expenses for a student to reside in Lisbon are around the following values*:

  • Accommodation between 300 to 700 euros
  • Transport between 30 to 60 euros
  • Food between 250 and 350 euros

*The cost of living varies, obviously, per person, depending on their lifestyle and other factors, such as location of accommodation, etc.


The Portuguese Directorate-General for Higher Education provides support for students, and there are several institutions that offer scholarships to national and foreign students wishing to study in Lisbon.

Find out more here

Scholarships for Access to Study Cycles at NOVA University Lisbon

NOVA University Lisbon aims to support the academic training of young people who have insufficient economic resources to pursue their studies, in line with its policy of social support and promotion of diversity, namely by awarding scholarships for access to study cycles.

The Scholarships for Access to Study Cycles are available to students of the three study cycles, being students of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, nationals or stateless persons, foreigners with tax residence in Portugal or with refugee status, who are in a situation of financial need and who do not benefit from the scholarships awarded by the Directorate-General for Higher Education, or whose value proves to be insufficient.

Applications from NOVA School of Law students can be submitted to SASNOVA using the form available on the page.

The information indicated does not exempt the consultation of the Regulation for the Award of Scholarships for Access to the Study Cycles of the NOVA University Lisbon, which prevails in case of any divergence with the published information.


NOVA University Lisbon’s Social Services –

To find out about the financial support available to NOVA School of Law students, please consult the page for each study cycle/course: Bachelor’s in Law | Master’s Degrees | Doctoral Degrees (PhDs)


Lisbon offers several options for those who intend to settle in the capital, from university residences, to apartments and private rooms.

Through NOVA

NOVA University has 3 student residencies, with a total of 460 beds.

The Alfredo de Sousa University Residence is located on the Campolide Campus, where NOVA School of Law is situated.

Applications for this accommodation follow regulations, based on the application period being simultaneous to that of the scholarships.

Consult Candidacy Regulations here

Other accommodation

To find a room in Lisbon, visit Uniplaces.

You will find further information about accommodation and other facilities here.

The Study in Lisbon portal – a partnership between the Lisbon Municipal Chamber and universities and other entities of the city – is a useful resource for those coming to the capital, providing a source of information about accommodation, study grants, places to visit, etc. Click here to access this platform.


Visa requirements to study in Portugal depend on the nationality of the student, given rules vary according to whether from the European Union or outside the EU.

For more information, contact the Foreigners and Frontiers Service (SEF).