Quality assurance


is NOVA’s Internal Quality Monitoring and Evaluation System. It is aligned with the University’s Strategic Plan, covering all its activities and ensuring the involvement of all stakeholders (internal and external). It aims at the continuous improvement of NOVA’s Quality, responding to the legal requirement of implementing its own Quality assurance systems.

NOVA SIMAQ is structured along five core domains: Teaching-Learning, Research and Development, Value Creation, Internationalization, and Interinstitutional and Community Collaboration, the latter two being transversal to the others. The support areas for these domains correspond to Human Resources, Material Resources and Services, Social Welfare Services, Information Management and Information Publicity, as shown in the following figure.



Instruments for monitoring the quality of teaching

  • Questionnaire on the perception of students regarding the functioning of the curricular units;
  • Questionnaire on the perception of teachers regarding the functioning of the curricular units;
  • Curricular Unit Form;
  • Curricular Unit Report;
  • Biannual analysis of the operation of the study cycle;
  • Report of the study cycle;
  • Curricular Unit Report;
  • Quality Assessment of the Organic Unit in Teaching and Learning.

Contacto: Manuela Guerreiro

Tel: 213847420

E-mail: mmg@novalaw.unl.pt

Quality Monitoring Committee

  • Margarida Lima Rego, Sub-Director for Quality (President) and responsible for the area of Quality in Internationalization, assisted by Professor Joana Farrajota.
  • Professor Jorge Morais Carvalho, Subdirector responsible for the area of Quality in Teaching-Learning (Vice-President), assisted by Professor Joana Farrajota.
  • Professor Luís Duarte d’Almeida, responsible for Quality in Research, assisted by Professor Athina Sachoulidou.
  • Professor Rita Calçada Pires, responsible for Quality in Value Creation, assisted by Professor Giulia Priora.
  • Fernanda Kubrusly Mamede Coelho (1st cycle), Petra Joana Vieira Freire (2nd cycle) and Ana Catarina Machado Fernandes (3rd cycle), students designated by the Pedagogical Council in its November 2021 meeting to represent in this Commission the three study levels taught at NOVA School of Law.
  • Manuela Guerreiro, Head of Division of the Planning and Quality Service of NOVA School of Law.

Support Quality Assurance

  • Manuela Guerreiro (Planning and Quality and Student Support Office)
  • Patrícia Luz (Academic Division)
  • Amanda Torres (Teaching Support)
  • Rita Jordão (Mobility)
  • Jorge Azevedo Correia (Careers and Institutional Relations)
  • Fernanda Xavier (Library and Documentation)
  • Carla Cintra (Communications)
  • Cláudia Prazeres (Human Resources)
  • Narcisa Rosa (Finance and Accounting Services)
  • Rui Manso (IT and Communications)
  • Carolina Santos (Direction and Management Support)
  • Ana Cansado (CEDIS)

Under the terms of the law, the NOVA University of Lisbon makes available on its website all the elements relevant to the complete knowledge of the study cycles offered and degrees conferred, the research carried out and the services provided by the institution. The self-assessment and external institutional assessment reports and the study cycles taught at the Faculty are available on the website of the NOVA University of Lisbon.

Compliments, Suggestions and/or Complaints

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