Quality Assurance support

Margarida Lima Rego, Sub director Mafalda Lopes dos Santos, Executive Manager Jorge Morais Carvalho, Miguel de Azevedo Moura, Professors responsible for quality. Manuela Guerreiro, responsible for quality.


Support Quality Assurance

– Carla Cintra (Communications) – Cláudia Prazeres (HR); – Cláudia Saltão (Library); – Fernanda Matias (Direction Support); – Fernanda Xavier (Council’s Support); – Guilherme Berriel (CEDIS); – Jorge Azevedo Correia (Professional careers and Institutional relations); – Narcisa Rosa (Financial Services); – Patrícia Luz (Academic Division); – Rita Jordão (International Exchange Programs); – Rui Costa (Provisioning); – Rui Manso (IT).

Under the terms of the law, the NOVA University of Lisbon makes available on its website all the elements relevant to the complete knowledge of the study cycles offered and degrees conferred, the research carried out and the services provided by the institution. The self-assessment and external institutional assessment reports and the study cycles taught at the Faculty are available on the website of the NOVA University of Lisbon (https://www.unl.pt/nova/qualidade).


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