Themis Magazine

Themis, the Magazine of NOVA School of Law of NOVA University, Lisbon as part of their research activities at CEDIS, is published under the responsibility of this Institution, and reflects the institution’s commitment to ensuring the highest academic level of its activities.


  • To disseminate high quality publications in legal or related fields of knowledge;
  • To encourage research and scientific innovation, particularly in cutting-edge fields;
  • To encourage interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives;
  • Encourage reflection on Law and its teaching;
  • To promote the internationalization of the academic activities of the School, within CEDIS.
  • To provide the members of the School, as part of their activities at CEDIS, with an editorial space;
  • To be integrated within the academic activity of the School, as part of their activities at CEDIS.




Maria Helena de Brito

Associate Directors
Frederico de Lacerda da Costa Pinto
Jorge Morais Carvalho

Advisory Board
Armando Marques Guedes
Christian Baldus
João Caupers
Jorge Bacelar Gouveia
José de Sousa Brito
Judith Martins-Costa
Maria Lúcia Amaral
Pierre Guibentif
Sergio La China
Teresa Pizarro Beleza
Zamira de Assis

Editorial Board
Ana Prata
Cláudia Trabuco
Emiliano García Coso
Fernando Horta Tavares
Helena Pereira de Melo
José João Abrantes
Pedro Caetano Nunes
Vanice Lírio do Valle

Editorial Secretary
Maria de Lurdes Vargas