The internationalization of students is one of the most fundamental and strategic objectives of NOVA School of Law, aiming to provide its students with a training of excellence, placing them amongst the most able of those competing in the national and international labour market.

It was with this purpose that it developed the International Track for Undergraduate Students programme (ITUS), organized in English and designed especially for first cycle students.

The ITUS programme aims to involve students in a wide range of activities aimed at diversifying their legal knowledge, as well as to provide international experience, namely through exchange and training programmes. The ITUS programme also aims to encourage professional internships, both within and beyond Portugal.

By participating in the ITUS programme, students will deepen their understanding of European and world dimensions of Law through an international experience. This will enable them not only to familiarise themselves with the international environment and labour markets but to enrich their curriculum through their participation in the programme, developing the skills and autonomy resulting from an experience of living abroad.

Participation in the ITUS programme is subject to a points system with its conclusion resulting in a certificate.