Permanent Seminar on the state and study of Law (SPEED)

SPEED, as it has become known, is a scientific research and post-graduate teaching development seminar that NOVA School of Law has been developing since 1999  – and, since 2003, as part of the activities of its research unit, CEDIS – with the aim of bringing together the scientific community around issues relevant to Law and Society, taking a critical and innovative stance.

Mission and objectives

  • To complement the activities of the PhD Programmes, providing PhD students of NOVA School of Law with the opportunity to present and publicly discuss partial and/or provisional results of their research, reinforcing the monitoring of their activities by professors, colleagues and the scientific community in general;
  • To disseminate scientific research carried out at NOVA School of Law, as part of their activities at CEDIS, as well as to promulgate this activity and provide the opportunity for discussion and interaction with scientific research carried out beyond NOVA School of Law, promoting the interaction of scientific investigation and academic exchange;
  • Giving prominence to new perspectives or innovations on classical issues, SPEED provides a platform for inter and multidisciplinary dialogue and discussion on research methodologies and legal pedagogy.



Professor Helena Bolina
Doctorate Ana Beatriz Santos Martins


Professor Veronica Corcodel and Nausica Palazzo
PhD Candidate Mihaela Mostrova

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