CEDIS – Centre for Research on Law and Society (CEDIS) is a research and development (R&D) unit accredited and financed by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). It is also financed by European institutions and by other institutions in the area of ​​Law and Society. Its mission is to promote the quality and innovative character of its members’ research, contributing to the development of Law.

NOVA School of Law integrates its main disciplinary areas and research teams in CEDIS. NOVA School of Law’s research policy, consistent with the mission of NOVA University of Lisbon, privileges multidisciplinary, transversality, and internationalization.

Research activities are organized into research groups and centres, and focus on scientific fields ranging from the relationship between Law and History, Law and Social Sciences, Economics and Governance of the Sea, Human Rights and Business, International Law and European Union, Law and New Technologies, Equality Law, and Law and Security, to topics such as Environment and Sustainability, Mobility, Digital Economy, Space, Biotechnology or Artificial Intelligence.

The research strategy is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the European Union’s strategic priorities, and aims to contribute to raising the quality of scientific production with an impact on public policies and society.

Through the Research Support Office, CEDIS:

  • Informs its members weekly of national and international funding opportunities;
  • Supports the preparation and submission of applications and projects;
  • Collaborates in the constitution of consortia and partnerships and in the preparation of the respective documents;
  • Supports the administrative and financial management of ongoing projects;
  • Finances missions, in the country and abroad, to present research works;
  • Supports the acquisition of goods and services relevant to the scientific production of its members;
  • Promotes the dissemination of the scientific production of its members.

Board Members