Felipe Pathé Duarte


Biographical Note | Pedagogical Experience

Assistant Professor and researcher at the NOVA School of Law and ISCPSI. He is a geopolitical risk and security consultant at VisionWare-Sistemas de Informação SA. He is a resident commentator on international security issues at RTP. He graduated in Philosophy from the University of Coimbra, did his Master’s and PhD in Political Science and International Relations at the Catholic University. He was a guest researcher at Oxford University and CSIS in Washington DC. He was a Fulbright Fellow in the US National Security Policymaking program. He is also a visiting professor at the Military University Institute and at CEPOL.

Bachelor (1st cycle):

  • Political Science
  • International Relations

Master (2nd cycle):

  • Intelligence and Strategic Analysis
  • Security, State and Constitution

PhD (3rd cycle):

  • Internal Security and Security Forces