Eligibility for curricular units:

Undergraduate, Master’s or PhD students of this Faculty who wish to register for curricular units of any other cycle of studies of the Faculty; 

As external students, anyone interested in attending curricular units of any other cycle of studies of this Faculty, with or without links to other higher education institutions, provided they are over 16 years old. 

Maximum number of enrolments: 6 curricular units per semester. It is not recommended that the number of credits exceeds 30 ECTS, as they will not be credited, as stipulated in paragraph c) of no. 1 of article 45 of Decree-Law Nº. 115/2013, of August 7. The curricular units in which the student enrols, under a system subject to assessment and for which they obtain approval, receive certification, mention in the Diploma Supplement and are credited if the holder has or will acquire the status of student of a NOVA School of Law cycle of studies, up to the limit of 50% of the total study cycle.


Application deadlines:

Submission of applications From 14 to 23 January 2022
Announcement of placements 28 January 2022
Complaint about placements From 28 January to 04 February 2022
Enrolment* From 7 to 11 February 2022

*Registration for subjects is done through the Academic Division.


Application instructions (online):

The application is made online, through the NOVA School of Law website by filling in an application form and uploading the necessary documents, namely: 

Photocopy of citizen card or passport (international applicants);

Curriculum Vitae (European model);

Document in Word format with the curricular units for which you wish to apply;

Payment of the application fee via MB or PayPal references (25.00€ non-refundable);


Fees and charges: 

Application fee 25.00€
Administrative cost per enrolment/registration (annual) 35.00€
School insurance 3.00€



Tuition fees vary according to the cycle of studies and to the course in which they are taught, and are proportional to the fees of the course and include the legally associated administrative costs. 

1st Cycle:

1st Cycle Curricular Units 11.62€ for each ECTS, minimum of 50.00€ per UC (general scheme)

116.67€ for each ECTS (International Students)

70.00€ for each ECTS (International Students – PALOP)

105.00€ for each ECTS (International Students – Brazilian nationals)


2nd Cycle:

Curricular Units of the Master’s in International and European Law; Public Law; Law & Technology; Social and Innovation Law; Law and Financial Markets 70.00€ for each ECTS
Curricular Units of the Master’s in Law and Security and in Law and Economics of the Sea  65.00€ for each ECTS
Curricular Units of the Master’s in Forensic Law and Arbitration and in Law and Management 76.67€ for each ECTS


3rd Cycle:

Curricular Units of the PhDs in Law and in Law and Security 160.00€ for each ECTS



1st Cycle Curricular Units 5 places in each Curricular Unit*
2nd Cycle Curricular Units 5 places in each Curricular Unit*
3rd Cycle Curricular Units 5 places in each Curricular Unit*

* Subject to the maximum limit of enrolments in each CU, established by the Faculty’s Management, to ensure the maintenance of high quality standards of teaching/learning, as well as according to the size of the teaching spaces. Admission and enrolment to the most popular curricular units is conditional on the number of places.

The curricular units of the dissertation/internship report/project work/SPEED/thesis/extra-curricular work/English and Interdisciplinary Legal Practice are not eligible. If, at the end of enrolment in each curricular unit, there are places available, FD reserves the right to admit candidates to curricular units that have not been admitted, even if higher in number than the places stated above. 

Preferences: Enrolment of internal students takes preference over external students. With regard to internal students, preference is given to those who are attending the course in question over those who are attending single course units. Within each category, applicants are placed in the order in which they enter the system, with preference being given to applications submitted first. 

The list can be consulted in the area reserved for applicants. Applicants must do their own registration if they are admitted. 

Tuition fees are set annually by the General Council of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

The reading of this information does not exempt consultation of the relevant legislation and regulations, the public notice of fees, and the emoluments table in force for the respective academic year.

Regulations applicable: Decree-Law Nº. 115/2013, of August 7th and Regulation Nº. 540/2015 of August 12th. 

Applications through the NOVA School of Law applications portal.