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IT and Communications

Attendance by appointment here.


Attendance by appointment here
Schedule: Monday to Friday – from 9 am to 7 pm


Bar and Canteen

There is a canteen on the ground floor of the Alfredo de Sousa Residence Building and a space with microwaves for students’ use.

At the back of the same building, on the ground floor, the students also have a canteen.

SASNOVA has several canteens and cafeterias distributed throughout the Campus, and students from NOVA have access to all SASNOVA units, as well as to the food services of the other Public Institutions of Higher Education in Lisbon.

How to get to the Campus:

Law Faculty of NOVA University of Lisbon
Campus of Campolide -1099-032

Google Maps

Bus Routes: 701, 713, 716, 726, 742, 746, 756, 758, 770

Metro: São Sebastião (Linha Azul e Linha Vermelha)

GPS coordinate : 38.732591, -9.160372 Lisboa

Travel applications (APP):

A monthly pass is available for all public transport. If you are under 23, you will be entitled to Sub23. The declaration for students under 23 years of age will be made available during the Welcome Week.