Professor Carlos Ferreira de Almeida Award

NOVA School of Law is pleased to announce the second edition of the Professor Carlos Ferreira de Almeida Award, which aims to promote Doctoral Studies in Law, in the area of Private Law, in line with the wishes of the Professor who, through his teaching, influenced generations of students and gave a decisive impetus to the realization of doctoral studies in Law, especially in matters of Private Law.

The prize is awarded annually and aims to distinguish and reward the best student of the academic phase of the PhD in Law at NOVA School of Law in the area of Private Law.

In assessing applications, in addition to the marks obtained in the subjects that make up the curricular plan of the course, the mark obtained in the optional subject of Private Law will be taken into special consideration.

Entries should be sent to the president of the jury by email, by 5 pm on September 28th of each year.

The prize will be awarded at the NOVA School of Law Day ceremony, on 30 October

About Carlos Ferreira de Almeida

Professor Carlos Ferreira de Almeida, one of the founders of NOVA School of Law, made his mark on the School,  not only from an academic but also from a human point of view. He was an outstanding professor and a brilliant jurist.

Since April 1996, together with Diogo Freitas do Amaral, he made a decisive contribution to the creation of NOVA School of Law as we know it today, as a member of its Installation Committee, where he collaborated, namely, in the elaboration of the Guiding Principles, as well as in the creation of the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral courses in Law. He was Chairman of the Pedagogical Council between 1999 and 2001 and Dean of the Faculty in 2002 and 2003.

It was also at NOVA School of Law from where he graduated in Private Law in 2005. Since then, he has been a Full Professor at this school, where he has lectured and taught General Theory of Private Law, International Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Civil and Commercial Contracts, Securities Law, Consumer Law, Comparative Legal Systems, and Comparative Private Law, among others.

His doctoral thesis, “Texto e Enunciado na Teoria do Negócio Jurídico”, constitutes one of the great milestones of 20th century Portuguese legal science. The rigorous and profound way in which he was able to integrate the advances of philosophy and language sciences within the analysis of Law leaves a legacy of rigor and a set of analytical instruments that greatly enriches the work of so many of his disciples.