2nd edition of the Prize for Pedagogical Excellence Professor Doutor Diogo Freitas do Amaral

It is with great pride that we announce the 2nd edition of the Prize for Pedagogical Excellence Professor Doutor Diogo Freitas do Amaral, created last year with the aim of distinguishing, promoting and disseminating educational models of excellence that meet today’s pedagogical challenges, promoting quality teaching, capable of providing a transformational and intellectually challenging learning experience.

In its first edition, the prize was awarded to Professor João Amador, a distinction that was “in line with the wishes of Professor Diogo Freitas do Amaral, who argued that subjects outside the law should be taught by those with the most knowledge of them,” quoting Professor Mariana França Gouveia, Director of NOVA School of Law.

The Prize – the title of which was created as a tribute to the pedagogical concerns of its Founder, which were clearly at the genesis of the creation of NOVA School of Law itself – embodies public recognition of pedagogical excellence, intending, in particular, to recognize the capacity for pedagogical innovation of its faculty, contributing to disseminating good practices developed in the academic year immediately preceding its attribution, in curricular units of any type.

Awarding the Prize for Pedagogical Excellence

The Prize is awarded annually and is decided in October of each year with reference to the immediately preceding academic year.

Faculty members or teams of faculty members who have taught one or more degree courses of any type within the degree cycles in the academic year immediately preceding the award of the Prize, are eligible for the award, regardless of the nature of their link to NOVA School of Law. Eligibility, in turn, does not depend on the submission of applications


Any reasoned proposals subscribed by one or more faculty members or students of the NOVA School of Law community will be considered. These proposals should be sent to the chair of the Pedagogical Council by email between the first and the last day of September of the academic year following that to which the award refers.

Proposals should be sent during the current month of September to conselho.pedagogico@novalaw.unl.pt.

Prize Announcement

The award for pedagogical excellence will be announced by the President of the Pedagogical Council at the Faculty Day ceremony, which this year will take place on October 21st.