Mobility Programs

Almeida Garrett

The Almeida Garrett Programme is a national mobility programme, in which NOVA School of Law participates. It seeks to promote quality and to strengthen the national dimension of Faculties in our country, aiming to encourage national cooperation between Higher Education Institutions in order to strengthen personal fulfilment, social cohesion and the spirit of citizenship of our students, promoting their creativity, competitiveness and consequent employability.

By applying for this type of mobility, students can undertake a period of study hosted by a fully recognised Portuguese University, thus contributing to their personal and professional development, stimulating their interests and acquisition of knowledge and providing a true exchange of experience and knowledge.


Fabrizio Esposito

Mobility Office


Rita Jordão

Gabinete de

Miguel Rosa



Applications and Enrolments:

  • 1st semester: until 31st May
  • 2nd semester: until 30th November

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Regulation of assessment of knowledge and skills – Exam Seasons



Applications and Enrolments

  • 1st and 2nd semester: First half of March.

Study Plan

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