Anabela Brízido

Guest Professor

Biographical Note

Anabela Paula Brízido is a PhD candidate at NOVA School of Law. Her dissertation subject is related to international armed conflicts in the cyber domain and the privatization of war.

She is a researcher at CEDIS and the NOVA BHRE and a member of the Portuguese Society of International Law (Portuguese ILA branch), Competitive Intelligence & Information Warfare Association (CIIWA), and Portuguese BAR Association. Her main research areas are International Law, International Humanitarian Law, Military Law, Human Rights Law, Information Society Law, cybercrime, cybersecurity and cyberdefense.

She is a trainer in several law fields and taught in NOVA School of Law, with other Professors, Legal History, Introduction to Law and Jurisprudence, and Public Finance Law.

She is a Jurist and President of the General Assembly of the National Association of families to provide inclusion for people with disabilities.

Licenciatura (1º ciclo)

  • Introdução ao Direito e ao Pensamento Jurídico

Mestrado (2º ciclo)

  • Segurança Privada