International Student | 3rd phase of applications

Bachelor's in Law

23 to 28 June

The 3rd phase of applications for international students who wish to enter the 2nd and subsequent years of the  Bachelor’s in Law Degree at NOVA School of Law will take place between 24 to 28 June.

Learn | Change

Studying Law at NOVA School of Law is learning to change the world. Venture into a NEW way of thinking about Law, developing a critical and creative spirit, capable of producing a legal perspective that anticipates problems and finds innovative solutions.

We strive through innovation and multidisciplinarity. We persist through international and technological training, without losing site of grounded knowledge, rather, intensifying it through best practice. We encourage the development of humanistic jurists, capable of personalised and individualised views, who accept the challenge of making a difference in society and to those around us.


«NOVA School of Law teaches me every day to overcome my fears and to fight for my dreams» – Isabela Vieira, Brazil.

«My experience at NOVA School of Law has been spectacular! You feel an atmosphere of diversity and rigour. For me, NOVA School of Law is synonymous with the future» – Shiping Shen, Macau

Applications are online through the NOVA School of Law portal, by filling in the application form and uploading the necessary documents.