Athina Sachoulidou

Assistant Professor

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Athina Sachoulidou is an Assistant Professor in Criminal Law at the NOVA School of Law and Deputy Director of CEDIS (Centre for Research and Development in Law and Society). She graduated in Law (2011) and holds a Master in Medical and Bioethical Law (2014) from the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki (Greece). She also holds a Master in German Law (2015) and a PhD in Financial and Corporate Criminal Law (2018) from the University of Heidelberg (Germany). Before joining the faculty of the NOVA School of Law, Athina Sachoulidou was a researcher at the Max Weber Program at the European University Institute (Florence, Italy).

Her academic research has focused on doctrinal approaches to criminal responsibility and punishment of legal persons and on issues related to medical criminal responsibility in various contexts.

Currently, she is focusing on the intersection of criminal justice with new technologies, such as large data storage technologies used for law enforcement.

During her doctoral studies she received the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) award for outstanding international students and doctoral candidates. Her PhD thesis ‘Corporate liability and punishment in criminal law and interdisciplinary discourse’ was published by Mohr Siebeck and received the Ruprecht-Karls award for outstanding research work.

Bachelor’s degree (1st Cycle)

  • International Criminal Law
  • Special Crimes
  • International Humanitarian Law

Master’s degree (2nd Cycle)

  • Cybersecurity
  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Procedural Law
  • Athina Sachoulidou, “Corporate Liability and Punishment. A Criminal Law and Interdisciplinary Discourse” [in German], Mohr Siebeck, 2019, Webpage:
  • Athina Sachoulidou, “The Transformation of Criminal Law in the Big Data Era. Rethinking Suspects’ and Defendants’ rights using the example of the right to be presumed innocent (working paper)”, MWP 2019/35, Max Weber Programme Red Number SeriesThis study has been approved for publication as follows: Athina Sachoulidou, Big-data-driven law enforcement and criminal justice in Europe, Journal of Contemporary European Studies, Volume 30 (2), 2022 (forthcoming)
  • Athina Sachoulidou, “Regulation and self-regulation in interdisciplinary discourse – The legal perspective [in German]”, Journal of Self-Regulation and Regulation, Volume 3, p. 27-53, 2017, DOI:
  • Athina Sachoulidou, “In dubio pro dignitate – Advance directives: European and international perspectives [in Greek]”, in: Maria Kaiafa-Gbandi et al. (ed.), “Patient and medical decisions at the end of life. Advance directives and medical power of attorney [in Greek]”, Sakkoulas, p. 35-112, Athens-Thessaloniki 2016
  • Silvia D’Amato/Athina Sachoulidou, “European Transnationalism between Successes and Shortcomings (Special Issue)”, The Journal of Contemporary European Studies, Volume 30 (2), 2022 (forthcoming)
  • Criminal Law (both substantive and procedural)
  • European Criminal Law
  • International Criminal Law
  • Financial and Corporate Criminal Law
  • Intersection of Criminal Law with New Technologies
  • Medical Criminal Law
  • Bioethics

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