Burke Griggs

Burke Griggs

Guest Professor

Biographical Note | Pedagogical Experience

Burke Griggs is a professor of law at Washburn University School of Law.

His scholarship explores the historical, technical, and cultural aspects of natural resources law, especially water law.

He has authored numerous scholarly articles and co-authors standard casebooks on water law and oil and gas law. Previously, he represented the State of Kansas in federal and interstate water matters before the United States Supreme Court, and served as counsel of record for Kansas in the Kickapoo Tribe reserved water rights settlement. Professor Griggs leads litigation to protect the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge in Kansas, advises the U.S. Departments of Commerce and State on lithium-related matters in Latin America, and serves on the U.S. Department of Justice’s Environmental Justice Working Group for the Midwest.

He is affiliated with the Woods Institute for the Environment and the Bill Lane Center for the American West, both at Stanford University. A Colorado native, Professor Griggs earned his B.A. from Stanford, his Ph.D. from Yale, and his J.D. from the University of Kansas.