First book on «Insurance and Human Rights» coordinated by Margarida Lima Rego

It was recently published by Springer Nature Group the first book addressing the impact and interaction between Insurance and Human Rights, edited by Professor and vice-dean of NOVA School of Law, Margarida Lima Rego, with Professor Birgit Kuschke, from the Faculty of Law of the University of Pretoria, South Africa.

This book is the fifth volume within the AIDA Europe Research Series on Insurance Law and Regulation – the first of its kind and area of specialization – and contributes to a more thorough and systematic understanding of the interactions between these two very different fields of law, which frequently cross paths, so often faced with the sometimes seemingly impossible task of reconciling insurance core principles, practices and mind-sets with the principles and values stemming from Human Rights protection.

The book first focuses on insurance and the right to equal treatment, addressing discrimination from the perspectives of the European Union, Canada and South Africa; it also highlights the very relevant role played by insurance in the upholding of the right to health, covering the United States of America, Africa and Brazil; it addresses the challenges upon the right to privacy, focusing on European Union; and it ends with the right to life, with a particular focus on the United Kingdom.

Covering various parts of the world, Insurance and Human Rights offers international, comparative and regional and national perspectives on this theme, providing the industry as well as the scientific community with insights from both sides of this seemingly difficult to transpose divide.

More information about the book here