José Fontes

Guest Professor

Biographical Note | Pedagogical Experience

José Fontes is a Full Professor at the Military Academy – Instituto Universitário Militar (Military University Institute) and Guest Professor at NOVA School of Law and at the Instituto Superior de Ciências Policiais e Segurança Interna (Higher Institute of Police Sciences and Internal Security). He is also Coordinator of the Disciplinary Section of Legal Sciences of the Military Academy and Integrated scientific researcher of CEDIS – R&D Centre on Law and Society of NOVA School of Law. He also collaborates as a researcher at the Centre for Administration and Public Policies/ISCSP (University of Lisbon), at the Research Centre of the Military Academy and at the Political Observatory – Research Platform in Political Studies. He was elected an Academic Member of the International Academy of Portuguese Culture (2014) where he has been Correspondent Academic since 2011. He has served as General Secretary of the National Council for the Evaluation of Higher Education, Deputy General Secretary of the International Academy of Portuguese Culture, and Secretary of the Institute of Higher Studies of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences for the sectors of the Permanent Seminar of Young Scientists and Senior Education. Author of several books and articles namely on Political Science, Constitutional Law, International Law, Public Administration, Administrative Law and Security Law.

Master (2nd cycle):

  • Interna Security, Cooperation and Police Law
  • Security, State and Constitution

PhD (3rd cycle):

  • State Security and Intelligence Services