The Official Journal for Students of NOVA School of Law

Since its foundation, the objective of this autonomous nucleus of NOVA School of Law is known for being a hub for comfortable distraction during the days (and nights…) of a law student. From a student of NOVA School of Law. We give students a voice so that they can express themselves in different terms from what otherwise might not be said, enabling deeper realities to be explored – This is our job”.

The Jur.nal was born twenty years ago (1998/1999), badly born to the Faculty, and since then it has been reinventing itself, always with the same objective and will, first in magazine format, then as a large flyer, now in digital format, as a blog and podcast – more recent events have dictated the turnaround, also to its layout – and is in print edition several times a year.

The JUR.NAL will always be with open arms to new members and welcomes all genres of writing, because from the start it has been characterized by diversity.

What unites us is the passion for art and for writing. Yet, we always need fresher voices”.