EU Family Law | Webinar Series

27 April to 5 May 2023

nEUfam is a 60h course in European Union Family Law held at NOVA School of Law.

The course addresses the issue of the pressure that changing family structures and family norms can exert on the future of the European project and whether the EU is equipped to respond to these changes.

Each year, four open lectures are delivered as webinars in hybrid format to enhance access and participation outside academia. The webinars are open to students, practitioners, academics, policy experts, NGOs and civil society alike.


Webinar 1: The role of the EU in promoting the rights of LGBTIQ families

Thursday, April 27
2:00. – 3:30 p.m (GMT +1)

  • Uladzislau Belavusau, University of Amsterdam
  • Masuma Shahid, Erasmus University Rotterdam: «Equal marriage rights before the ECtHR and the CJEU»
  • Geoffrey Willems, University of Louvain: «Homoparental families in the EU and ECHR»
  • Alexander Schuster, University of Graz: «The Oliari case and its aftermath: insights from litigating LGBTQ rights in the ECHR»
  • Uladzislau Belavusau, University of Amsterdam

Webinar 2: The role of the EU in promoting the right to freedom of religion or belief of families

Friday, April 28

8:30 – 10:00 a.m (GMT +1)

  • Francesco Di Lillo, European Union and International Affairs Office of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint
  • Pasquale Annicchino, University of Foggia: «Introductory remarks: notes on the Utah Compromise»
  • Nicola Speranza, Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe (FAFCE): «European families and challenges to their responsibility to educate»
  • Ignasi Grau, International Organization for the Development of Freedom of Education (OIDEL): «What are the rights of parents in the field of education?»
  • Oumaima Derfoufi, NOVA School of Law: «Muslim families in the EU»
  • Nausica Palazzo, NOVA School of Law: «Queer and Religious alliances: a tough conversation»

Webinar 3 : The EU and the culture wars around family law: Future trajectories

Thursday, May 4

2:00 – 3:30 p.m (GMT +1)

  • Oumaima Derfoufi, NOVA School of Law
  • Alberta Giorgi, University of Bergamo: «Gender, religion and illiberalism – entanglements and new challenges»
  • Zora Hesová, Charles University: «Central European Culture wars and the weakening of human rights consensus»
  • Matteo Bonelli, Maastricht University: «Leveling Up: The Commission’s use of Article 2 TEU in the infringement action on LGBTIQ rights in Hungary»
  • Ivo Gruev, Hertie School of Governance: «The use of Christian conservative family values in constitutional law in the mobilization against the Istanbul Convention in Europe»
  • Katinka Linnamäki, University of Helsinki: «Ideological usage of the family within illiberalism»
  • Nausica Palazzo, NOVA School of Law

Webinar 4: The Role of the EU in shaping family law

Friday, May 5

9:00. – 10:30 a.m (GMT +1)

  •  Jonathan Herring, University of Oxford
  • Alina Tryfonidou, Neapolis University Pafos: «What is a “family” in EU law: do EU policies sufficiently address family diversity and its consequences?»
  • Robert Wintemute, King’s College London: «LGBTIQ families in the EU»
  • Eugenia Caracciolo di Torella, University of Leicester: «The influence of EU law on family care»
  •  Alice Margaria, University of Zurich

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