NOVA Assembly

NOVA Assembleia is a dynamic association comprised of NOVA School of Law students dedicated to fostering active citizenship and political engagement among peers.

As an inclusive platform, NOVA Assembleia welcomes all students from our faculty, regardless of their course or academic year, with the objective of encouraging their active involvement in society. Through structured and organized debates, students have the opportunity to explore diverse perspectives on significant political issues.

NOVA Assembleia provides a range of resources to facilitate this engagement, including lectures, workshops, seminars, and various events featuring experts in Politics and Law. Moreover, the association promotes critical thinking and reflection on the topics under discussion, nurturing the student’s ability to construct compelling and well-founded arguments.

In addition to these activities, NOVA Assembleia actively encourages students to participate in extracurricular initiatives related to Politics and Law, such as engagement with non-governmental organizations, activist groups, and other programs that foster active citizenship and political and civic development.

Founded in 2020, the NOVA Assembly consists of a group of students from NOVA School of Law, whose objective is to energize a fictitious parliament through participatory democracy, promoting debate and problematization of relevant geopolitical issues, both nationally and globally.

Being a group of students who praise Freedom of Expression as a Constitutional Law and a Human Law, the “Segundas Opiniões” blog was created, an online space for the publishing of opinion articles.