NOVA Debate

Core of Law

Driven by the changes and needs of the world in which we live, it was in the year 2011 that the NOVA Debate project was born, a debating society of NOVA University, Lisbon, which promotes the debate of ideas within and beyond academia, through conferences, training and Regular sessions of free debate and competitive debate.

In 2019, the nucleus extended to NOVA School of Law, which, since then, has been responsible for organizing countless debates among the academic community and, at times, with special guests, placing the most varied of topics on the table and leaving taboos aside.



NOVA Debate has as its primary mission to provide, through conferences and debates, a new academic dynamic, focused on exchange and friendly confrontation of ideas and knowledge.


The objective of NOVA Debate is to stimulate competitive, open, healthy and constructive debate, contributing to the intellectual and humanistic development of all parties, as well as an exchange of ideas between students and teachers.

In this way, it organizes university competitive debate events, roundtables and lectures, collaborating with other faculty nuclei to facilitate interdisciplinary debate.