Nucleus of International Students

The main objective of this nucleus is to promote the interculturality of the NOVA School of Law students and to foster an inclusive academic experience at all levels of the life of a university student.

It also intends to create a closer relationship with the Students Union and with the other autonomous nucleus, to make their work more effective.

The Nucleus of International Students is divided into the following departments:

  • Integration and interculturality: This is the key department for the realization of two objectives of the Nucleus. Through him we help the new students with the questions that may have in a day-to-day basis, in a closer way
  • Interpersonal Relations: Knowing how comforting it is to be among people who share the same difficulties and experiences, the Inter-Peter Relations Department has the objective of helping to create bonds between the students who will choose NOVA as home. Through activities and moments of interaction, we show that, even in a different country, you will not be together
  • Marketing and Publicity: The Department of Marketing and Publicity is responsible for managing and disclosing the relevant information of the Nucleus. This work goes from the management of social networks to cooperation and partnerships with other nuclei
  • Organization of Events