Opening of the period for the submission of applications for the selection of the "Abreu Chair in ESG Impact" ad personam

At its meeting of 06 October, 2021, the Scientific Council of NOVA School of Law approved the opening of an application period, of international scope, to select and recruit 1 (one) holder of the chair ad personam “Abreu Chair in ESG Impact”, in the category of Assistant Professor

The recruitment of the holder of the ad personam chair “Abreu Chair ESG Impact” will be made possible by a grant from Abreu Advogados and Associação Instituto de Conhecimento da Abreu Advogados for the hiring, for a period of up to three years, for a position equivalent to that of assistant professor, of a candidate with significant scientific expertise in ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance.

The holder of the Abreu Chair in ESG will have full scientific autonomy and will be responsible for coordinating the Green Lab at NOVA School of Law.

O titular da Abreu Chair in ESG terá total autonomia científica e assumirá a responsabilidade de coordenação do Green Lab da NOVA School of Law.

Check the documents:

Notice – Selection of the “Abreu Chair in ESG Impact” ad personam 

Application form