From October 27 to November 17 of 2023

E-Course The Law of the Metaverse (1st edition)

The concept of the metaverse – a virtual world where people can interact with each other and digital objects, in a highly immersive environment – is becoming more and more popular. With the rapid development of virtual reality technology, the metaverse is expected to become a new economy with its own set of legal challenges. In this course, we will explore the legal implications of the metaverse from various angles (intellectual property law, privacy law, labour law, criminal law), with a focus on specific metaverse issues (NFTs, cryptocurrencies, avatars). 



Vera Lúcia Raposo, NOVA School of Law


6pm to 7.30pm (Lisbon time)


22.30 teaching hours, seminar style. Estimated 112 hours of work for those wishing to submit their final work for the purpose of assessment and certification.


Online course (remote teaching via the Zoom platform)



Registration Fee:

  • 350 euros (student fee)
  • 600 euros (full fee applicable to all other attendees)

Minimum and maximum number of registrants:

20-45 participants

Target audience:

The course is designed for and aimed at master students with a legal background. The course is open to all those who wish to learn and expand their understanding of the metaverse.

Certification and credits:

4 ECTS. Participants who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate attesting to the successful completion of this ECTS course at level 7 under the European qualification framework (master level). Attendance of at least 80% of the sessions will give rise to a certificate of attendance.

Admission requirements:

A basic understanding of contract, intellectual property, and privacy laws is recommended but not required. Students with other backgrounds are welcome, as long as they are interested in the metaverse’s legal aspects.


Submission of a reflective diary or learning log required (2000-2500 words).

Course objectives:

  • Understand the legal challenges and opportunities of the metaverse.
  • Analyse and apply legal principles to metaverse scenarios.
  • Develop legal strategies for metaverse businesses and individuals.
  • Critically evaluate the ethical implications and social impact of the metaverse.



27 October 6pm to 7.30pm (Lisbon time)

Definition and introduction to the metaverse

  • Luis Bravo Martins, APDC (Portuguese Association for the Development of Communications) – Metaverse Section) 

30 October 6pm to 7.30pm (Lisbon time)

Metaverse platforms

  • Martim Farinha, NOVA School of Law

31 October 6pm to 7.30pm (Lisbon time)

Intellectual property rights in the Metaverse

  • Mário Castro Marques, AforIP

3 November 6pm to 7.30pm (Lisbon time)


  • Iakovina Kindylidi, Vieira de Almeida

6 November 6pm to 7.30pm (Lisbon time)


  • Miguel de Azevedo Moura, NOVA School of Law

7 November 6pm to 7.30pm (Lisbon time)

Souldbound tokens

  • Pin Lean Lau, Brunel University

8 November 6pm to 7.30pm (Lisbon time)


  • Vera Lúcia Raposo, NOVA School of Law

9 November 6pm to 7.30pm (Lisbon time)

Virtual property in the Metaverse

  • Fabrizio Esposito, NOVA School of Law

10 November 6pm to 7.30pm (Lisbon time)

Civil Liability in the Metaverse

  • Nicole Fortunato and Ashick Hussein Remetula, MLGT

13 November 6pm to 7.30pm (Lisbon time)

Criminal law in the Metaverse

  • Ana Rita Duarte Campos, Abreu Advogados

14 November 6pm to 7.30pm (Lisbon time)

Labour law in the Metaverse

  • Marta de Oliveira Pinto Trindade, Abreu Advogados

15 November 6pm to 7.30pm (Lisbon time)

Data protection and privacy in the metaverse

  • Diogo Matos Brandão, NOVA School of Law

16 November 6pm to 7.30pm (Lisbon time)

Cybersecurity in the Metaverse

  • Graça Canto Moniz, NOVA School of Law

17 November 6pm to 7.30pm (Lisbon time)

Blockchain technology

  • Nuno Lima Luz, Cuatrecasas

20 November 6pm to 7.30pm (Lisbon time)

Good Governance in the Metaverse

  • Filipe Brito Bastos, NOVA School of Law



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