Vânia Simões

Vânia Simões

Teaching Assistant

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She completed her Doctorate in Law at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa 2023, awaiting public defense.

Degree and Master in Law from the Faculty of Law of Lisbon. Postgraduate in Medical Law and Intellectual Property Law.

A lawyer, she was an invited assistant at several public and private educational institutions.

She won a Human Rights Award, with the study “Obstetric Violence: institutionalized violence against gender“.

She intervened with the Health Commission in the preparation of diplomas in the area of maternal and obstetric health.

Author of several articles in authorship and co-authorship, as well as books.

Coordinates and participates, as a teacher, regularly in specialized training in the area of women’s rights, health and children’s rights.

She was also a speaker at more than thirty conferences, in Portugal and abroad