Vera Lúcia Raposo elected Hastings Centre Fellow

NOVA School of Law Professor Vera Lúcia Raposo has been elected a Fellow of the Hastings Center a prestigious research centre in the USA focusing on bioethics and health policy issues.

Each year, the Centre selects individuals from around the world whose research and professional careers it considers meritorious for their contributions to academic training and/or public understanding of complex ethical issues in the fields of health, health care, life sciences research and the environment.

Recent Fellows have worked on a wide range of topics with ethical implications, including digital technologies, public health, end of life inequalities, disability rights, institutional racism, pain and addiction, and climate change.

Applications are highly competitive and require not only outstanding qualifications but also the nomination of a fellow, as was the case with Professor Jing Bao-Nie, who nominated Professor Vera Lúcia Raposo.

One of the main focuses of the Professor’s nomination was her pioneering work in new technologies at a time when they were relatively unknown. A notable example of this approach is her current involvement in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse, demonstrating her ongoing commitment to the frontiers of knowledge and innovation.