8th meeting Global Observatory GoP2P

28 and 29 May | NOVA University Lisbon

The 8th Global Observatory GoP2P meeting will be held at NOVA University of Lisbon, Campus Campolide, on 28 and 29 of May.

Organized by User-Centred Energy Systems, this year’s event focuses on Scaling up Local Energy Markets and is organised in collaboration with NOVA School of Law and NOVA IMS, and is funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO). 

In recent years, local energy markets, including peer-to-peer energy trading, transactive energy and community self-consumption, have gained significant momentum. These initiatives empower energy end-users and small-scale prosumers to directly exchange electricity and encourage active engagement in the energy market.

While pilot projects have demonstrated the viability of these market models, challenges such as existing policies, regulations, and technical and social barriers hinder their scalability and wider adoption beyond the pilot phase. Many barriers inhibiting scaling relate to risk allocation and management. 

Portugal is one of the most progressive countries in adoption of local energy markets. Join us at the 8th GO-P2P meeting to learn from Portuguese and other European cases, companies and regulators on how they have addressed such risks, and the extent to which their solutions may be adopted and adapted for other contexts.

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