Academic Committee

Starting out at university can be a difficult moment. It is difficult to know what to talk about, or what to say or how to get about. The Academic Committee is an autonomous nucleus of NOVA School of Law whose objective is to recruit new students and integrate them fully into our Community.

To achieve this, it undertakes to organize various events throughout the academic year, which help to create a feeling of belonging to this School and, simultaneously, perpetuating the Academic Tradition, which at NOVA School of Law has such a special and unique character.


The functioning of the Academic Committee is regulated by the values ​​of solidarity, unity, respect, responsibility, and interconnection. Accordingly, it completely rejects the notion that integration of new students is achieved through humiliation. Throughout our activities, conscientious objection or religious conviction and, above all, inherent dignity of the human person are respected. Likewise, activities created by the Academic Committee are organized in such a way as to create memories marked by laughter and joy.