At NOVA School of Law, we are committed to an innovative doctoral programme, where ideas and methodologies go beyond traditional boundaries, with a highly international focus and a multidisciplinary approach.

We encourage a critical and creative stance, questioning what exists, from within and beyond, promoting teamwork and creating networking opportunities with other national and international academic institutions, as well as the inclusion of doctoral students in the most diverse aspects of their activity, namely in the research projects that take place in the Faculty.

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The PhD programme aims to prepare the next generation of highly-qualified legal professionals to enter the market, ready to face the challenges of our time, whatever they may be, and to pursue a career in academia, if they so wish.

CEP (Consumer Empowerment Project) PhD Scholarship

NOVA School of Law, with the financial support of the private entity Synallagma SA through the project Consumer Empowerment Project, has launched a Doctoral Research Grant for the development of a doctoral research project in one of the following disciplinary areas: EU Consumer and/or End-User Rights.

Applications for this PhD scholarship are open between 23 February and 8 March 2024.

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