ELSA NOVA Lisbon is a Portuguese Local Group, which belongs to the large network of ELSA International.

Founded in 2007, ELSA NOVA Lisbon officially became a Local Group in 2012, representing NOVA University Lisbon in the sphere of ELSA Portugal.


A just world based on respect for human dignity and cultural diversity


To contribute to legal training, encourage mutual understanding and promote social responsibility between law students and young lawyers


ELSA NOVA Lisbon achieves its objectives:

  • Promoting opportunities for law students and young lawyers to learn more about other cultures and legal systems through open and critical dialogue based on scientific cooperation;
  • Alerting law students and young lawyers to the need to have international awareness and to promoting their professional specialization;
  • Encouraging law students and young jurists to strive for the good of society.


The Association carries out various activities at local, national and international levels.

Of the activities carried out, it is important to highlight the “Summer ELSA Law School on International Economic Criminal Law”, the “ELSA Webinars” and “Webinars Academy“, various “Moot Courts”, notably the annual Moot Court intended to introduce students of the 1st degree to this competition, as well as to the “Course in Competition Law”, “Job Shadowing”, and “Get to know ELSA International Opportunities”, among other activities

ELSA (The European Law Students’ Association)

ELSA (The European Law Students’ Association) is an association of law students, founded in 1981, in Vienna, by a group of four students, divided by the Berlin wall, but united by the study of law .

ELSA is, likewise, an international, independent, apolitical and non-profit organization directed by and for students. It is made up of students and recent graduates interested in personal and academic excellence.

ELSA offers law students the perfect platform to develop their skills, acquire new knowledge and meet other students and professionals in the legal area throughout Europe. Its mission is to enhance the professional capacity of future jurists and promote the intercomplementarity of the various legal systems, in the spirit of scientific cooperation.

Since its foundation, the association has grown exponentially, extending its activity, and now represented in more than 200 universities supported by 42 countries of the old continent. It is also an observer member of the UN and the Council of Europe, being considered the largest independent association of students in the world.