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Erasmus+ is one of the most recognized and successful European exchange programmes, in which NOVA School of Law participates. This programme offers university students (from the three cycles of studies), teachers and higher education staff the possibility of undertaking periods of mobility, for learning, internship or training purposes. Its general aim is to support the creation of a European Higher Education Area and to reinforce the contribution of higher education and advanced vocational education in the process of innovation.

It enables European students to exchange a semester or a school year at another European university (provided it is outside their country of origin), with immediate recognition of credits awarded, and with the possibility of having access to a European Commission grant. This enables Portuguese students to have a unique experience beyond their own country like those who visit Portugal, and to receive and engage with students from other countries, contributing to the global vision of internationalization of NOVA School of Law.


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Applications and Enrolments:

  • 1st semester: until 31st May
  • 2nd semester: until 30th November

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Applications and Enrolments

  • 1st and 2nd semester: First half of March.

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All internships must be properly formalized by the Career Service, through a protocol signed between the Host Institution and NOVA School of Law.

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Internships are only eligible for an Erasmus+ scholarship if they take place in one of the participating countries of the programme and cannot be remunerated.

Applications and enrolments:

  • Open all year

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Teachers/ Staff


NOVA School of Law hosts professors and staff with the aim of sharing good practice and learning from guests, creating an interchange of knowledge beyond that of the students.

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The teaching and non-teaching staff of NOVA School of Law can participate in the Erasmus programme, bringing knowledge from other institutions. The organization is in charge of the Rectorate

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