E- Course Labour Law of International Organisations

This course provides an overview of the immunities and privileges of international organisations, how their internal justice systems are structured, how they work and challenges faced. It also helps to identify the relevant jurisprudence in this field and the major concerns related to sexual abuse and exploitation in the context of international organisations and UN peace Keep missions and employment context. The status of whistleblowers and how they are granted protection.


João Zenha Martins
Teresa Bravo


Four modules of four hours each, divided in two sessions, twice a week for one month.
Fridays afternoon (5pm – 7pm Lisbon timezone)
Saturdays morning (10am – 12pm Lisbon timezone)


16 hours


Hybrid through teams or zoom (two sessions to be held in person: opening of the course and closing session)



Registration fee:

€ 500 (10% discount for NOVA students and researchers)

Target audience:

Students, diplomats, lawyers, researchers in this field of law or anyone who would like to pursue an international career in an international organisation.


1st day – Opening session
The status of international administrative law and employment relations in international organisations
João Zenha Martins / Teresa Bravo

2nd day – The internal justice system of the American Development Bank Administrative Tribunal and its most relevant case law
Giuliana Cane, ES of American Development Bank Administrative Tribunal

3rd day – An overview of Organization of American States and American Development Bank internal justice system with a focus on standards of proof in disciplinary cases
William Berenson

4th day – Managerial discretion and the challenges of leadership in Investigating Officer 
Teresa Moreira
Challenges for staff members working in Investigating Officer 
Bruno Antunes

5th day – Fundamental rights and the Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour Organisation jurisprudence
Marco Fasciglione

6th day – Jurisdictional immunities of Investigating Officer
Maria Millburn

7th day – Investigations and disciplinary proceedings in Investigating Officer cases of sexual harassment
Teresa Bravo

8th day – Whistle blower protection in international organisations
Teresa Bravo / William Berenson

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