Jorge Morais Carvalho

Jorge Morais Carvalho

Associate Professor and Vice Dean

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Jorge Morais Carvalho has a Law Degree (2002) and a PhD (2011) from the NOVA School of Law, where he is Vice Dean since October 2021.

He is an Associate Professor at NOVA School of Law, where he is the Coordinator of the Bachelor’s degree.

He is a Researcher at CEDIS – Research & Development Center on Law and Society and the Director of the NOVA Consumer Lab.

He is the author (or co-author) of about one hundred and fifty books and scientific articles, in the areas of civil law, commercial law, consumer law, civil procedural law, alternative dispute resolution and comparative law, with emphasis on the following works: Manual of Consumer Law (8th edition, 2022), Sale of Goods and Supply of Digital Content and Digital Services (2022), The Limits to Contractual Freedom (2016, with reprinting in 2017), Manual on Alternative Dispute Resolution (2017, with reprinting in 2019) and Introduction to Comparative Law (2013, with last reprinting in 2019 and translation into Spanish in 2018).

Jorge Morais Carvalho has participated in over one hundred seminars, conferences, scientific congresses and colloquia or training actions in Brazil, Cape Vert, Colombia, Spain, England, Italy, Luxembourg, Mozambique, Peru, Poland, and Portugal.

He is the editor of EuCML – Journal of European Consumer and Market Law and Subdirector of Themis – Revista da NOVA School of Law.