Legal Argumentation Conference

19 and 20 October 2023

The knowledge centre NOVA Argumentation, together with the law firm Morais Leitão, is organising an international conference on legal argumentation on 19 and 20 October.

This is a lively two-day international conference on topics including legal rhetoric, the judicial duty to give reasons, some of the most important types of legal argument, and feminist perspectives on legal argumentation — among others.

Organised by the NOVA School of Law’s NOVA Argumentation Knowledge Centre together with the law firm Morais Leitão.

A two-day international conference with leading experts on legal argumentation, on topics including legal rhetoric, the judicial duty to give reasons, several of the most important types of legal argument and feminist perspectives on legal argumentation — among several others.

Our speakers and commentators: Carel Smith (Netherlands), Chiara Valentini (Italy), Cláudio Michelon (UK), Damiano Canale (Italy), David Martínez Zorrilla (Spain), Euan MacDonald (UK), Fábio Perin Shecaira (Brazil), Flávia Carbonell (Chile), Giovanni Tuzet (Italy), Guilherme Almeida (Brazil), Harm Kloosterhuis (Netherlands), José Juan Moreso (Spain), José Plug (Netherlands), Kathryn Stanchi (USA), Kevin Toh (UK), Luís Duarte d’Almeida (Portugal), Mark McBride (Singapore), Martim Krupenski (Portugal), Minghui Xiong (China), Lilian Bermejo-Luque (Spain), Rachel Herdy (Chile), Raquel Barradas de Freitas (Portugal), Sharon Cowan (UK), Silvia Zorzetto (Italy), Sue Provenzano (USA), Torben Spaak (Sweden), and Zihan Niu (China).

The conference will be in person, with sessions running from 9:30am to 6pm on each day.


Venue: João Morais Leitão Auditorium | Rua Castilho, 165, 1070-050 Lisbon
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Thursday, 19 October

9 am – Opening

9:30 | 10:30 am

«Rhetoric and Legal Argumentation»

Kathryn Stanchi e Sue Provenzano

Comments: Raquel Barradas de Freitas

10:30 | 11:30 am

«On the Judicial Duty to Give Reasons»

Fabio Shecaira

Comments: Lilian Bermejo-Luque

11:30 am | 12:00 pm – Coffee Break

12:00 | 13:00 pm

«The Methodology of Legal Argumentation»

David Martínez Zorrilla

Comments: Torben Spaak


3:00 | 4:00 pm

«Arguing a fortiori»

José Juan Moreso

Comments: Martim Krupenski

4:00 | 5:00 pm

«Arguments by analogy
Silvia Zorzetto

Comments: Claudio Michelon

5:00 | 6:00

«Arguing a Contrario
Damiano Canale and Giovanni Tuzet

Comments: Rachel Herdy

Friday, 20 October

10:30 | 11:30 am

«Fictions and Legal Argumentation»
Kevin Toh

Comments: Guilherme Almeida

11:30 am | 12:00 pm – Coffee Break

12:00 | 1:00 pm

«Chinese Legal Argumentation»

Minghui Xiong and Zihu Nihan

Comments: Jose Plug


3:00 | 4:00 pm

«Arguing About Normative Positions»

Mark McBride

Comments: Luís Duarte d’Almeida

4:00 | 5:00 pm

«Feminist Perspectives on Legal Argumentation»

Sharon Cowan

Comments: Chiara Valentini

5:00 | 6:00 pm

«Some Influential Theories of Legal Argumentation»

Harm Kloosterhuis and Carel Smith

Comments: Flavia Carbonell

6:00 | 6:15 pm – Closing remarks

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